Full Dental and Periodontal Charts

Intuitive and easy-to read dental and periodontal charts lets you easily record pocket depths, gingival margins, CAL levels, MGJ measurements, mobility, furcation grades and more.

dental and periodontal charts

Deciding which EHR best fits how you practice medicine on a daily basis is an important decision. Choosing one that may be more than you need is costly, or slows down the process of capturing patient information, and may result in decreased quality of care to your patients, affect your practice’s revenue, and make you and your staff downright grumpy. Here is how EHR-1 makes your life easier:

  • Cloud-based system that eliminates costly set-up, installation, and maintenance
  • Affordably-priced and developed precisely for small to medium private practices
  • Intuitive workflow with less number of clicks needed to access the patient information you seek quickly
  • Secure direct messaging capabilities with patients from the EHR to individual Patient Portals
  • Full Scheduling and filtering features that can accommodate multiple providers and staff from multiple locations
  • Friendly, patient support staff who welcome all questions, no matter how big or small
  • Secure encrypted servers
  • Secure Data Archiving and Indexing
  • Features up-to-date ICD-10 compliant Codes, ICD 9 codes, SNOMED Codes, and ADA CDT codes.
  • HIPAA-Certified. ISO 9001 Certified.

Save time and save money. EHR-1 seamlessly connects your business to the  pharmacies and insurance payers instantly. No need to worry about patients losing prescriptions, illegible handwriting and errors; get paid faster with less rejections on your claims. Coming soon!

Cloud-based software keeps you connected to your patients and your needs

Any device, any time. Access your patient charts, appointment calendar, send and receive messages through a secure HIPAA-compliant portal any where you have internet access.

Full Scheduling and built-in Patient Education Resources

User and patient-centric design focuses on keeping workflow efficient for both your staff and your patients. Schedule appointments, set reminders and print patient discharge education directly from you software.

scheduling calendar